Technical Lead

We are looking for a technical lead to join our team who is skilled, confident, a great communicator and collaborative. Its essential that you are an experienced developer and have experience as a team lead or tech lead role. As an integral part of the development team you will be developing websites and web applications for our clients. Alongside this you will be ensuring the development team’s processes and tools ensure quality collaboration between our different disciplines and set our projects up in a low risk way.

This is a fulltime role in Wellington or Auckland. You’ll be working alongside other discipline leads to ensure your work is coordinated well across all of DNA’s disciplines.


  • Deliver world-class web development on large and small projects for commercial and government clients
  • Work alongside client teams or 3rd party developers
  • Provide technical guidance and assistance to development teams
  • Interact with subject matter experts to understand the business requirements and design sites and apps accordingly
  • Participate in preparing requirements and specification documentation
  • Ensure that the development team manages scoping and costing work in a consistent way, the line items needed for our process are consistently factored in, technical, budget, timing limitations are identified, and customer’s and the business requirements are clear.
  • Ensure consistency in the way work is produced, both in regards to tools, communication, assumptions and process to ensure the quality and robustness is high.
  • Promote processes and knowledge that mean the development team has a collective understanding of what well-produced deliverables and projects look like. Ensure process or project documentation is up to date.
  • Ensure that the development team produces work in a way that is shareable, reduces individual’s IP and handovers can be done by the team in a consistent smooth way.
  • Work with other discipline leads to improve inter-team collaboration, planning, communication and mutual understanding of priorities for the team. Ensure project approaches are well thought through and communicated to the project team.
  • Ensure that the work of the development team contributes to the profitable outcomes of projects, the scope is managed, scope creep is identified and raised early and DNA’s business goals are championed through projects.
  • Understand dependencies and constraints across projects to find opportunities and minimise risk.
  • Work to ensure successes are celebrated and that team culture is nurtured.


  • 5+ years web development experience
  • 2+ years of team or tech lead experience
  • Experience with PHP frameworks, OO PHP, source control systems
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and love technical challenges
  • Be self-motivated, and able to multi-task
  • Able to take initiative and be productive and efficient
  • Be able to function independently and still work well in a "team-oriented" environment
  • Strong communication skills (both in person and in writing) while interacting with individuals with a range of technical understanding
  • Capacity to think holistically about a client's business and users needs

Send us your CV including previous web development experience and examples.

Contact John Milmine for more detail.

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