Noel Brown

Kaumatua / Wellington

Noel has been providing strategic leadership to DNA since 2000.

For 17 years before DNA – Noel was one of the leaders of Formway – taking that business from a small local provider to the brink of international success.

His general business nous, his specific skills managing design-led businesses through change, his 35 year interest and involvement in all things Maori and his background as an educator means he has broadened the base of talent and experience DNA can apply to clients’ many challenges.

Noel was CEO of DNA for 10 years. His current focus internally and externally is on growing the team, guiding the strategy of DNA and engaging with public and private sector clients on how design adds value to business. Noel is a director of DNA and sits on the Board.

Noel consults to DNA clients on strategy and design thinking, has been active in the establishment of the community of interest in Auckland (Design Thinking for Public Good) and has led DNA’s involvement in a series of GovJams.

Noel is a respectable Te Reo speaker and – despite his efforts to suppress the impression – he is an all round classic Kiwi Bloke (in fact he has at least 3 sheds he can disappear away to and work on 'things').

Noel Brown