Leif Roy

Senior Experience Designer / Wellington

With a background in Industrial Design, User Experience Research, and Usability, Leif has well over a decade of professional experience working for design led businesses following user centred design methodologies. He has a specific interest in, and aptitude for, helping organisations; better understand their customer’s needs, gather and make sense of contextual research information, identify user orientated opportunities to create market leading products and/or services, evaluate concepts and prototype solutions, and develop design processes that help deliver successful end product solutions.

With a broad experience across both physical and digital industries, projects, and products Leif has developed an equally broad set of research, usability, and design skills. However he is as equally confident, and interested, in stepping into the unknown to figure out the approach or technique that best fits the project/client, as he is at working with more established UCD, UX, Usability, and Design methodologies.