John Milmine

Technical Director / Wellington

John has been with DNA for over 9 years and has over 12 years experience in development. As Technical Director at DNA John brings a broad experience in development and a problem-solving mindset every day - to every challenge. John has an ability to synthesise solutions to often large and complex challenges. He has a strong technical knowledge, and balances that with creative and analytical capability – which proves invaluable when isolating issues, navigating roadblocks, assessing priorities and planning project approaches.

John talks and thinks fast, but has a unique ability to simplify things in to tangible approaches, opportunities and solutions. He has a Bachelor of Design and consequently has a strong design sense which is invaluable as the design teams and development squads are developing sites, tools and web applications for our clients.

John has guided the growth of DNA’s development capability - today, our development teams work on large scale, technically complex, content heavy sites, API’s and web applications - our projects require a strong vision, disciplined leadership, innovative solutions, outstanding interaction and user experience to be effective. John is often the first person engaged to break down complex problems, understand business and technical context. He’s very adept at responding to unique situations and calmly shaping an approach and team which will deliver exceptional results.

John has significant web development experience across backend and frontend technology and has a particular expertise in modular content and responsive solutions developed in Silverstripe (an Open Source CMS) - consequently John and his team have a significant track record in responsive site design and mobile. SilverStripe development skills are in demand, and John has led the development team in delivering some great SilverStripe solutions, for public sector organisations including; MBIE, ACC, , Immigration, EQC, Electricity Authority (EA) and Civil Defence.

At DNA, John has also led private sector projects for BNZ, NZ Post, Skinny Mobile, Icebreaker,, Powershop and Mojo.

John is a member of DNA’s Management team, where he brings a no-nonsense and blindingly frank perspective to every issue.

He is active outside of DNA with family, pets, and shaving (yep, if he waits more than a few weeks between haircuts, a fro does tend to take hold).

John Milmine