Deb Barker

Commercial Director / Wellington

Deb brings extensive management experience from the finance, wine and hospitality sectors to her role at DNA. As business Director, her role at DNA includes commercial, contractual, HR and financial management across both the Auckland and Wellington offices.

Deb is a process junkie, but still manages to be approachable and pragmatic - both internally and externally. Under Deb’s guidance DNA’s commercial agreements, project documentation, banking and compliance have all been streamlined and are constantly being improved. Deb has a central responsibility for the standards and systems DNA use on all client engagements and projects. Deb seeks to drive efficiency and accountability throughout all of DNA’s day to day business operations.

Deb leads the 'Mothership team’, which is the support team and administration engine of DNA.

Deb is a member of DNA’s Wellington and Auckland Operational Management team’s, and is a key conduit with DNA’s Executive Management team. 

Deb Barker