Vanessa Gourrinat

Project Manager / Auckland

"As far as I remember, I've always loved travelling and pushing the boundaries of what I call my comfort zone. 

While completing my degree in Communications and Advertising, I chose Toronto in 2006 to realize my summer internship. What a fantastic experience! Working for the city performing arts organisation gave me my first (and longlasting) taste of working abroad with so much to learn. Then, in 2008 having passed my degree with success  I thought it was time to go on a proper trip and preferably a year in the sun: Australia! After 10 months of travelling, fruit picking and socializing, I got back to the mother land and got my first job at Publicis Dialog Modem Paris in 2010. 

I started my career in CRM and Direct Marketing projects and progressivly moved to exciting digital campaigns, starting with eDM to fully integrated digital campaigns. Having mainly been in charge of worldwide accounts, I absolutely love working with multicultural teams. I find it so enriching and challenging!

So after 3 and a half years I wanted to push the experience further, and feel this sense of adventure again. And I thought why not move to the other side of the world? So here I am in kiwi land! I arrived only 5 months ago, yet it already feels like home and DNA has a big role to play in that. I’ve been welcomed with open arms here and I’m hoping to offer as much as everyone has to offer: exciting times to come!"

Vanessa Gourrinat