Shirlee Xue

Visual Designer - Experience / Auckland

Designer, illustrator, environmentalist and fitness junkie, Shirlee is an accomplished Jack of All Trades. As a Visual Designer, it’s her job to ask the questions that lead to clarity, insight and understanding.

A graduate of AUT, Shirlee majored in illustration and started her career as a print specialist to satisfy her love of tactile, hands-on art. She later joined TRA as a graduate designer. Her need to understand things and help others understand, led her towards a more insight and research-oriented career in experience design. She has a particular interest in data visualisation and how it can be used to tell more meaningful stories.

Shirlee works in the Experience Design Team and is responsible for bringing experience concepts to life and helping our clients understand strategic processes through visual storytelling.

Outside of work, Shirlee is a bit of a fitness junkie so you’ll usually find her running, out in the wilderness being at one with nature, or using nature to inspire her illustrations.

Shirlee believes design is the perfect tool to help us make sense of the world and her unique combination of creativity and curiosity means she can articulate, simplify and beautify even the most complex information.



Shirlee Xue