Matt Bondi

Tech Lead / Wellington

Matt has been developing for over 12 years and has come to appreciate the fast and ever-changing nature of the field. Matt has very strong skills and a very broad experience in development – having been involved in projects from apps and museum interactives, through to large corporate sites with a reliance on third party networks and across critical interactions for many government sites.

Matt is a full-stack developer and has always worked on both front and back end solutions as well as server set up and maintenance. To be more specific - he worked with Drupal a lot and then made the move to Silverstripe (like all good sensible developers have). He has built a successful app in React/Redux and having really enjoyed that, is now diving into Angular 7 with great gusto.

Not just a bearded back room bloke (well he is that), Matt has also worked very closely with many clients directly by being involved in strategy, planning and ideation workshops, in presenting solutions, gathering requirements as well as providing assistance and training. 

Matt has a degree in Information Systems + post grad diploma in Web Development and he’s given back by way of a stint in teaching a course at Massey University. He tried the start up route for a while (It turns out it is all a lot of work) and came away having gained huge learnings in dealing with vendors, IRD and city councils as well as what it takes to keep a team inspired and in line. 

Outside the day to day, Matt enjoys being on mountains, whether that is climbing up or biking down them – and trying to take photos of weird and wonderful places.



Matt Bondi