Jim Perry

Senior Developer / Auckland

From an early age, Jim has been a programmer and a tea drinker (Earl Grey, black, hot - thanks for asking). From around seven years old he began writing Commodore 64 BASIC programs, ranging from adventure games to entertain his little brother to calculating the answer to the meaning of life. The text-based adventures were so much fun and the opportunity for problem-solving was so enticing, he decided to obtain a BSc in Computing and Business Administration before heading out to problem solve in the real world.

The real world problems were not as heroic at first glance, however, what they lacked in text-based dungeon traps and buried treasure was more than compensated for by the exploration of technologies and the ability to fund the purchase of tea leaves. Jim loves to use JavaScript, CSS, PHP and beautifully semantic HTML wherever possible and is a big advocate of user-friendly interfaces.

Recently Jim has tackled a large Angular2 e-commerce application and then moved into a ReactJS app which makes a very complex interaction incredibly simple. He aims to be the most approachable person in the office (especially easy if visitors come bearing tea) and loves to teach, even if it involves patient repetition.

 In his spare time, Jim typically watches British comedy and eats Asian food. His meaning of life application remains a work in progress.


Jim Perry