James Ayers

Tech Lead / Wellington

James started off his career as an industrial designer, moving into web development about 6 years ago. James has a Bachelor of Technology (Product Development) which blends science, design, and consumer marketing with a raft of other disciplines, giving him an excellent understanding of business within the online sphere. James also has a post-graduate diploma in Design Management, bringing entrepreneurship, creative process and team-work together in new and exciting ways.

James lives and breathes HTML, CSS, javascript, and PHP. James enjoys work that challenges and stretches his repertoire in new directions. His skills include creating intuitive interfaces that satisfy business requirements and provide the optimal user experience.

He's a stickler for quality work and has managed some of DNA's large-scale implementations with ease. He's tackled some large Backbone implementations and integrated Angular into a CMS to create an engaging itinerary builder For WellingtonNZ.com.

James has worked on a wide range of DNA projects including WellingtonNZ, Business.govt.nz, ActivePost, Woolyarns, JBWere and Rideforever.

James Ayers