Jacob Roberts

Developer / Wellington

Jacob started learning all things development in 2010. He started his career studying a Bachelor of Information Technology where he was majoring in programming, but then decided to turn to the world of Web Development. 

Jacob is an all rounder, he enjoys doing both frontend and backend development. Lately, Jacob has found himself favouring the latter and he loved being involved in larger backend projects like Skinny. This has meant him learning and really enjoying writing unit tests and reporting on their coverage, plus has been loving digging through XHProf's massive call stacks to optimise an application's performance. 

In these past few years as a web developer, he has worked through many interesting and challenging projects. At DNA Jacob has worked on Skinny, AMP, Kotahi and WellingtonNZ.com.

When not writing code, he can be found either on a football pitch around Wellington, or somewhere a nice cold beer is poured.


Jacob Roberts