Izzy Fenwick

Experience Designer / Auckland

With a diploma in psychology, a degree in marketing and a genuine desire to make people happy, a career in human-centred design was always going to be on the cards for Izzy. As an Experience Designer, it's her job to dig deep into customer mindsets and solve the knottiest of problems, which she approaches with enthusiasm and flare.

Izzy joins us from Les Mills International, IF Coaching, Kiwis for Kiwi, OMD Media, and Lasso.

As part of our Auckland Experience Design Team, she works using design thinking and design-specific capabilities to translate insights into transformative experiences, products and services. Izzy has been working on projects for EQC, ASB and NZTE.
Outside of work, Izzy is a fitness fanatic and has even written for New Zealand Fitness magazine talking about the psychology of motivation and her work with a professional triathlete.

With a genuine desire to help people and her strong business acumen, Izzy loves to find that sweet spot that delivers the ultimate outcome for her clients and their customers.
While away from the office Izzy likes to visit her parents – who are conveniently located on the island paradise that is Waiheke – and hangout with her new wife (she doesn’t have an old wife, but this is a new one).




Izzy Fenwick