Graeme Thornber

Developer / Auckland

Graeme first began his relationship with computers as a young lad in 1986. An enthusiastic gamer, he copied the source code for several games from a book into an Amstrad CPC-464 fixing some bugs that were misprinted along the way.

During his school years, he participated heavily in musical and thespian activities then went on to spend a decade working in the hospitality industry. After resisting the call of the digital world for many years, he finally succumbed to his destiny in 2006 by gaining a Diploma in Web Development then, like his father before him, became a computer programmer.

Graeme takes great pleasure in making beautiful designs come to life on the web, coding across multiple languages both frontend and backend with a keen eye for pixel-perfect precision and a knack for choosing the cleanest and most practical approach to the task at hand. Graeme has been involved in running many projects as the sole developer so is used to working with clients to ensure that the result is quality. Now in a larger team, Graeme's wide-ranging skillset across backend and frontend technology mean he's up for pretty much any problem we can throw at him.

When he's not in front of the computer Graeme can often be found entertaining his daughter with one of his guitars, and is often not found as he'll be away somewhere hiking up a mountain or fishing off a rock in a remote corner of New Zealand. Graeme's deep love of music spans from Beethoven to Beastie Boys and everything in between.


Graeme Thornber