Garry Yeatman

Developer / Wellington

Garry has played the field to pack a range of experience into his career so far. Having started as a developer with Zoom Group in Christchurch, building sites and getting good at making Wordpress to sing, he then had a stint at CORE Education where the main project he worked on was `Whats the Plan?, Stan` for the Ministry of Civil Defence. This was a huge learning experience enabling him to find out about git flow, Silverstripe, dev ops and DNA’s Elemental :).

Garry's last role was at ENGEO, where he helped launch a small IT startup and to build applications to support their industry (with projects like an asbestos collection surveying tool). 

While Silverstripe has been a key focus, and Garry is keen to focus on Frontend as part of his skillset - at DNA he is now in an environment that will offer some formidable challenges, endless opportunity, and exposure to new tech, but all alongside some awesome senior CX, design and dev talent.

At DNA Garry is in the Chown squad and throwing himself at challenges for a number of MBIE projects, including sites for Tennancy Services, Trading Standards and Product Recalls.

Garry made the mistake of mentioning he trained as a barista in a previous life, so his coffee is peer reviewed about as much as his code. Luckily, he can escape work, and outside of DNA he is found doing city walks, taking photographs endlessly and taking on road trips with friends. A big obsession is catching touring acts, and the list is long (so alongside seeing Pink 3x in a row - Adele, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, Sia, Broods and Lorde are on the list). Garry assures us, that even though the list of artists are very pop focussed he has been to Metallica, AC/DC and Iron Maiden too!



Garry Yeatman