Duncan Rumbold

Senior Developer / Auckland

Duncan first cut his teeth programming on 8-bit microcomputers as a kid but after graduating with an Electrical Engineering degree has worked for large NZ technology companies as well as small start-ups. His experience involves a wide range of software projects including medical device controllers, in-car navigation software, and 'indie' game development.

Over the last decade or so Duncan has enjoyed focussing on building web applications based on open-source technologies. He is passionate about all parts of the web technology stack whether it's writing PHP, administrating Linux servers, building JavaScript apps, or laying out beautiful HTML.

Duncan loves the big gnarly challenges, problem-solving, is always up for a challenge and has the years of experience to back it up. His experience and skill means that any architecture Duncan is involved with is extremely well thought through and elegantly delivered.

When he's not busy engineering he's probably hanging out with his family, playing board games, running, learning the piano, or reading.

Duncan Rumbold