Crystal Lin

Designer / Auckland

Crystal began working in the design industry in 2013, starting out by freelancing at various design studios in Auckland working on branding and packaging. She then went on to work as a graphic and user-experience designer at a startup company, BE Intent, creating an app built around positive psychology theory and research.

Crystal loves all things creative.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Music (Classical) as a violist and singer, Crystal headed off to Australia to study design at Shillington College. There, she immersed herself into the niche of expressive typography, and has since exhibited a typographic piece in collaboration with Wayne Thompson from the Australian Type Foundry, and had her type featured in both Typism Volume I and Volume II.

Crystal is always hungry to learn and excited to be at DNA expanding her knowledge in crafting visually aesthetic designs to support the creation of amazing user experiences.


Crystal’s passion for print design is also what makes her a proud owner of a 1890s Golding letterpress that lives in her garage, helping keep old school print methods alive.


Crystal Lin