Catherine Campbell

Experience Designer / Auckland

Cathy is an AUT graduate, with a shiny Bachelor of Design (product) under her belt. Forever getting absorbed in the research, empathy and insight parts of projects at university - she see's customer experience design (CX) as her dream job. 

In Auckland, Cathy works closely with Nico, Matt, Marie and the  wider CX team on projects both large, small and both long term and rapid fire…she is also involved in Wellington Projects.

After graduating she learnt all about what it means to put the customer first through some hard work in hospitality, honed her research skills as a research assistant at AUT, and opened her eyes to the world around her with four months travelling the globe. 

When not designing customer experiences, Cathy can normally be found creating something in the kitchen, with the sewing machine, in the garden or out walking somewhere.

She has a passion for designing solutions that are not just beautifully designed, but relevant, valuable, meaningful and functional (phew). At DNA Cathy has worked on a range of projects for clients that include RGL, Ara, Skinny and BNZ.

Catherine Campbell