Office Dog / Wellington / Wellington


DNA is an equal opportunity workplace – and whilst Agatha and Albert have the same role – Official office dogs –  both bring a unique sense of skill, flair and personality to the day job(s). They do bring into focus just what matters to our everyday.

Agatha is a little more intense than her brother – but on the plus side, she’s a natural socialiser and communicator. She loves a meeting. The more humans to greet and chat to, the better. 

Not to put too fine a point on it - she is the noisy one. While she’s always quick to jump into a debate and share her wisdom and discerning eye, Agatha still has a bit of learning to do - like many a designer, she does tend to offer an opinion when none is sought.

Both dogs are working on their French, which all goes to make the contingent of Gallic staff across DNA feel right at home.

Out of the workplace, you will find Agatha eating grass, chewing the curtains and staring down all beings bigger than she…she knows what we do not – we will succumb.