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VX Sport

Product proposition and Digital experience

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VX Sport designs and sells athlete monitoring systems to professional and semi-professional, sports teams. Their current clients include the All Blacks, NZ Kiwis, The Phoenix, and the Hurricanes – however VX Sport were looking to grow their market in North America, with a focus on high performing University (College) level teams.

The Challenge

VX needed to reposition the product and deliver in a tight timeframe. A new sales proposition aimed at the GM’s and Coaches of US teams was developed to help drive growth in sales and global expansion. 

The Solution

We delivered a launchpad for further expansion by reframing the product for specific audiences. The key aspects were;
A Complex system presented simply – Explaining in simple terms what had previously seemed a complex tool was our core Content and UX challenge. 

> A seductive offering – The new propositions provide greater comfort for Coaches around product relevance and value – but also creates a little bit of FOMO (Globally recognised high performing teams are users).

> Complex system presented simply – By creating key messages, based on VX Sports context of ‘performance’ we introduced key latent product value. This was supported with customised icons, flow diagrams, and responsive flat lay design and more immersive photography to show the ‘real' product in use.

> An upselling tool for coaches  We identified past gaps in sales conversion, then generated all new content to better support coaches as they were required to upsell to university board of directors.

> Credible next to major sports brands  We helped VX Sport shape a compelling market presence that ensures they sit naturally next to the likes of offering from Adidas and Catapult.

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