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The Challenge

When Icebreaker needed to design and deliver a global sales force incentive programme to work across all their international markets they came to DNA. With their clothing sold in over 2000 stores across 30 countries (and growing), Icebreaker wanted to engage and train staff, and incentivise sales activity across the world but also infuse the core brand essence and values along the way.
The central challenge for DNA was to design and build a scalable digital solution to manage a flexible and moving sales force, build advocacy, provide relevant sales force incentives and share sales tips and training. Icebreaker wanted their people around the world to be connected to their heart and home – right here in New Zealand, from wherever in the world they live and work. 

The Solution

DNA delivered a personalised incentive tool that all staff in each country can work within. Various users needs were considered in order for us to best understand staff needs and to balance this with Icebreaker’s commercial objectives.

The solution design enables real time conversation, rewards sales achievement, guides sales strategy and incentivises by graphically tracking results. Developed by the DNA dev team the app features 4 levels of log-in, seductive interactions and multiple slide transitions to ensure the UX is 'on brand'.

Users can track and view individual and regional performance, identify and manage rewards based on achieving targets, report on sales activity and receive/comment/share information and training tips from Global HQ, country sales mangers and peers in other global markets. The solution is seasonal, personalised and manages to deliver all this within an interface that is simple, intuitive, brand aligned and highly visual.

The Result

Icebreaker have a strong brand culture, but this solution works around the fact that its hard to manage a global workforce when have grown as phenomenally as Icebreaker has in recent years. The company needed not only to engage all staff with any activity across the company but also to infuse any channel with their brand values and essence along the way. Done.

Its only recently launched - so its early days, over the next months' the site be rolling out to all markets. Watch this space.

In May 2012 the site got a bit of award's recognition - the Brand Ambassador site was named as a Webby Honoree in the 16th Annual Webby Awards. The Webby's are huge and hard to win so its a pretty big deal. Check out the Icebreaker Webby news item.

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