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Powershop was the world’s first online shop for electricity. Unlike traditional retailers, their service enables customers to shop for power, get discounts and save money. Powershop customers can easily see how much they’re using and what it costs before they buy. It’s simple yet radical. 

In customer satisfaction – Powershop are New Zealand’s number 1 power company (and have been the last 5 years running). They have customer satisfaction ratings that are off the chart and keep leading the way in product and service development. They needed to support enquiry and attract talent in their growing internal development team, and are actively seeking to expand internationally to leverage their IP.



Distil Value proposition – Workshopped with senior leaders to synthesise business case and offer for UK opportunity

Rapid execution – DNA delivered strategy, design, content and development in a very fast timeframe

On target – For Powershop, growth means attracting new opportunities and the best talent – the story is innately connected 

> To the point – Designed to tell the Powershop story, what makes it different and why it's a great place to work 

Two core audiences – Potential staff and possible partners - both need to see who Powershop is, what makes them tick and what defines their culture and their success.


> The site is to the point, brimming with attitude and was able to distil the company’s ethos, value and culture for potential staff and partners

>  Since launch this site has had a big business impact required to support recruitment and new venture enquiry

> 5280% Growth – the highest three year revenue growth rate ever recorded in the NZ Deloitte Fast 50

> From under a dozen in the early days, powershop have a crew of around 160 geeks, problem-solvers and designers working hard to make Powershop the best power company ever

> Powershop entered Australia in 2012, and as of 2016 have a UK partnership in the works.


> Strategic planning, offer synthesis, Audience diagnostics and content development undertaken in initial lean design sprint

> DNA teams worked to deliver an iterative prototype as the three weeks progressed, with Design, content and development running concurrently

> Rapid design/build within 3 weeks (brief to launch) was challenging, but collaboration, co-location, strong process and an understanding of Powershop's culture and vision helped immensely.

The Challenge

How might we recruit in order to expand.

The Numbers

top 5 

In the world - well, as far as recruitment brand experiences go - and according to the Webby’s - Powershop is recognised in the 18thAnnual Webby Awards in the Employment category.


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