Creating a digital interface that drives employee engagement and performance to support rapid growth.

Mojo Coffee

Digital Employee Experience and Training app.


To establish and maintain a level of customer experience and drive high service delivery standards, Mojo needed an scalable (digital) solution that would enable them to effectively onboard and train its workforce across different roles, levels and locations as they grow globally. Investing in employee experience was seen as a way of improving service performance, growing organisational culture, and creating a way to identify and nurture talent – whilst lowering the cost to attract and train staff.

The Challenge

The digital workplace performance solution had to enable talent to build baseline competency right through to established mastery and give the organisation a macro and micro view as to where to best position and grow their talent both locally and offshore. Core project challenges for Mojo were to drive stronger commercial outcomes, facilitate sustainable growth and increasingly differentiate their brand and culture.

The solution objectives requred;

› User-led design – Extensive design research clarified audience needs through the staff on-boarding process and identified the diversity of requirements.

› Extensible platform – A bespoke digital solution that is more targeted than an intranet and more practical than a learning management system.

› System wide value – Offers critical system’s value to the organisation.

The Solution

Mojo needed to apply standards, maintain performance, and get a diverse, geographically separate group of staff to buy into a culture that delivers to customers each and every time. We created a bespoke digital experience to enable induction, engagement, core skills training and professional development consistently across the business – to whatever level and wherever in the world Mojo staff were.

The solution has delivered key benefits to Mojo and their staff, including;

› Culture enabling – Solution enables social interaction and push notification communication between staff members.

› Anytime, anywhere access – Training and workforce improvement can be conducted out of core hours.

› Seamless interface – Responsive solution across a beautiful, personalised interface.

› Training and testing – The solution allows training video, formal exams, informal quizzes and leaderboard gamesmanship.


The Result

The solution has driven significant impact for Mojo, the effects include;

› Significant increase in staff engagement and connection to self training improvement.

› Store Managers have an efficient way in which to on-board and/or up-skill team members.

› Organisation has full transparency as to staff performance at individual, store or regional level.

› Significantly lowered the time and cost to train team members.

› Scalable systems value with a centralised training platform rolled out internationally that drives consistency.

› Fully responsive solution that allows personalised log in and exclusive content access.

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