Re-inventing the Service Experience from the ground up.


Customer Experience led Retail and Product Transformation

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With 170 stores and dealerships, Firestone was market leader in New Zealand's increasingly competitive tyre sector. In a market with a heavy price focus and many consumers making 'grudge’ purchases, Firestone needed to appeal to new customer groups, and sought a pathway to growth through breaking from the traditional market offer and service parity. 

Following a customer experience transformation, Firestone offer a broader range of services, have store tiers more defined and related to regional and demographic needs, plus their core promise and service experience are enjoyed by all customers. 



> Challenge everything – DNA reviewed products, services, in-store experience, service model, retail footprint, distribution tiers and brands

> Growth strategy – Design research identified opportunity for product and service extension

> Rapid prototype – Major opportunities were mapped to enable Firestone to take new ground by developing new products

> Map user needs – Customer empathy informed value proposition, range and brand

> New product development – Rolled out a menu of related and value added service options to attract new customers



> Broke market parity with increased service offer and new product lines

> Firestone protected and grew market share

> Broadened brand appeal to wider customer base

> Developing a range of vehicle health products and services

> Established retail service delivery performance standards and benchmarks.

The Challenge

How might we design a pathway to growth.

The Solution

> Significant evolution of the visual brand, its expression and proposition

> New signage, store tiers and footprints and customer experience models focused interior/exterior re-fits across all stores – some to a high degree, some to a more basic level initially

> Inflight retail project integrated new store design templates

> Introduction of the Firestone 360° Price, Service and Care Promise as a company-wide benchmark for delivering the Firestone customer experience

> Development across the rollout project broke down in to a range of sub-projects that included retail store fit-out upgrade

> Created clarity around service experience benchmarks and store tier systems.

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The Numbers

180 degrees*

In short, this has been a massive turnaround – seen in sales growth, market share rises and both staff and customer loyalty spikes.

*We can’t be more specific as its commercially sensitive - but its impressive.

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