Designing the radical new face of banking in New Zealand.

Bank of New Zealand / Retail Experience

Customer Experience Design and Retail Transformation

To meet the changing needs and desires of its customers, and maximise the effect of a significant retail footprint nationally, BNZ and DNA developed a service model, environmental concept and product approach to transcend the banking approaches of old. BNZ set out to radically enhance the customer experience in store, and to improve the likes of 'per sq meter' and 'by staff member’ sales metrics. 

The challenge for the bank was the need to be informed as much by changing customer needs and patterns as advances in technology and a desire to optimise your property footprint. BNZ now deliver integrated experiences, where customers enjoy more intimate, powerful and effective experience and service delivery.



Strategic investment – At the inception of the GFC, BNZ made a strategic decision to upgrade its retail assets with a complete revamp of its network of 180 'stores’

New needs, new model – Extensive customer insight gathering, persona creation and journey mapping led to a completely new concept in retail banking

> New role for retail – Customer research led to a more approachable and accessible experience which build greater affinity and intimacy with all customer segments

> Cost model review – Rapid and agile prototyping model led to a modular, scaleable and adjustable framework delivered for rollout

> Inflight validation – Experience concept prototyped in trial branch and inflight upgrades

User led approach – design research clarified opportunity and offer shape followed by prototyping, iterative development and testing to validate

Integration and engagement – Improve retail engagement and drive retail sales metrics, revolutionise experience to align to retail transformation initiative



> Staff and customer engagement and key store performance metrics are all improved*

> The Bank has transformed the way its people sell products therefore maximising the return on their retail footprint

> New stores featured a central open teller desk, with the latest technology in cash security, a series of meeting hubs for private conversations, a 'community wall', and children's areas

BNZ’s retail experience and customer service model more open, fresh, and informal.

*NB: Key metrics of sales by staff member and Sales per Sqm significantly improved over BAU store format - Actual Metrics are commercially sensitive.



> A significant factor in the experience design was an upgrade to the Out of the Box concept – which is now more integrated with staff in the environment

> A new approach to digital signage throughout the store and the ability for local groups to promote their community event using a digital solution have been showcased.

> The deployment of the concept has been rolling out to the full store network of 180 sites 

> Through enhanced integration of new technology and digital touch points, BNZ have created a template to tie this improvement and innovation together in a flexible and scalable framework. 

> DNA partnered withWarren & Mahoney to develop the new store concept. 

The Challenge

How might we adapt to meet the changing needs and desires of customers.

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The Numbers


Stores around New Zealand.

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