Driving growth through multi-utility customer propositions and experience.


Customer Experience and Product Transformation

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Trustpower merged two brands to deliver a single brand multi-utility offer, and sought to deliver through transformational customer experience, in order to migrate acquisition and account management to digital. 

The challenge was in making multiple product offers and service experience simple, easy and valuable to customers. DNA identified user needs, category norms, gaps and opportunities which were synthesised a strategy to guide Trustpower as they designed a radical new service experience model.


  • Seamless integration: Power and Telco services presented simply and harmoniously
  • Disruption: No other major provider matches offer breadth and integration simplicity
  • User led design: Design research clarified opportunity and offer shape
  • Informed by insight: Validated prototypes determined ideal customer experience and interaction model


  • Customer journey mapping and future state definition for digital ecosystem
  • Ongoing work includes Lean UX approach to optimising user journeys improving the conversion of customers


  • 200% increase in multi-product sign ups over non-digital channels
  • 30,000 new customers sign up in one year
  • Energy Retailer of the year in 2015
  • Complex multi-utility products made simple through a direct sign-up process 
  • Fully responsive solution allows users to signup and manage their accounts on desktop, tablet or mobile
  • Delivered to Trustpower’s business strategy and growth objectives.


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The Numbers

200% +

Increase in multi-product sign ups over non-digital channels.


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