Designing the worlds first 'electricity store’ to change forever the customer experience of a power company.


Customer Experience and Digital platforms

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Powershop is a sector leading responsive digital solution, offering the most immersive experience when evaluating power usage and purchasing in New Zealand’s only ‘electricity store online’. Powershop is a Meridian Energy business.

The Powershop application helps customers understand the principle of managing their own electricity supply and reinforces their sense of control in purchasing electricity for themselves. Both of these are a new ‘mental models’ in the sector. 


  • Speed to market – Design research, prototyping and testing clarified opportunity and offer shape
  • Constant iteration – UX in acquisition, signup, purchase and needs management all constantly tested and optimised
  • Record engagement – turned low engagement utility in to high engagement brand
  • Collaboration – a hallmark of the development since launch between Powershop and DNA
  • Momentum and growth – Powershop model launched in Australia and other countries.


  • No. 1: Satisfaction says it all – PowerShop has been voted New Zealand’s top power company for four years running.
  • 90%: In 2011, over 80% of Powershop customers actively shopped for their power on the website or their mobile phones. Since 2012 this has grown to over 90%.
  • 96%. In 2011, Powershop topped the Consumer NZ survey of energy suppliers for the third year running with a 96% satisfaction rating.

The Challenge

How might we create a platform for a start-up digital business.

The Solution

  • Finding new ways to package and offer units of power, and new ways to enable consumers to decide what mattered to them in terms of price, time considerations and choice. 
  • Transform Customer experience, develop category breaking business and Service delivery model
  • Visualise power, to mitigate consumer confusion around industry standards and jargon and to deliver a user-friendly, action-oriented interface.
  • User experience that would allow customers to understand the concept, sign up and switch easily, and become confident users of the service. 
  • Developed the design for a focussed customer acquisition website and a corporate website for recruitment and international audiences.
  • Worked collaboratively with Powershop internal teams to develop multiple iterations of mobile and web applications.
  • We continue to work with Powershop on complex user experience problems.

NB: The application is a collaboration between the DNA, YouDo and Powershop teams.

The Numbers

200% +

Increase in Customer sign ups.*

*We can’t be more specific as its commercially sensitive - but its impressive.

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