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A site was created to help Wellingtonians understand the Council’s proposed 10-year Plan, then provide feedback on specific ideas within the plan. Each idea had information on the investment required, annual contribution to GDP, economic benefits and return on investment. Feedback was captured using typeform integration gathering quantataive and qualitative information. Feedback was then graphed, showing levels of feedback, location of feedback as they related to each idea, while free form comments were able to be filtered by sentiment. It was a new approach intended to demonstrate more transparent consultation.



Speed to market – In a 6 week time frame, DNA delivered a digital solution with strong client collaboration

> Open data –  The items viewed, the comments received, the part of the city they are from and the aggregate ranking of priorities based on public engagement are all displayed live

Inflight – Live and evolving over an initial 36 days, council sought to engage the city in the opportunities, ideas, their cost and value with the citizens and businesses of the Wellington

Informed engagement – A channel for Wellingtonians to understand the Council’s draft Long-term Plan, enabling them to provide instant feedback and make formal submissions

> Improved access – A digital and responsive solution, more than double the number of people visited the website during this campaign.



> Over 2,000 people used the site to engage with the consultation process in a number of different ways – not just through the traditional and formal submission process

> The site profiled ideas and enabled feedback, which is collated and fed back to users through mapping and real-time data

> Over 400% increase in the number of people submitting feedback via the web

> 4x the level of engagement with the site as measured by page views per visit

> The site reached a younger demographic with the ‘informal’ website - as compared to the traditional ‘formal’ submission process

> The solution lowered the cost to serve this initiative from previous campaigns.



> The site created and updated over three phases; expose the ideas, engage comment and priorities; determine and gain feedback on the 10 chosen priorities; update and progress on and against the plan

> The second instalment of the Long Term Plan consultation website features details about the projects including the Airport extension, the Film Museum, smart technology and sector growth initiatives

> This second instalment is focussed on growing understanding of the projects in the plan, their value and merit as part of the city's future. Each project is profiled, and accompanied by comments, input and insight form a range of the regions key movers and shakers who are supporting and helping transform Wellington during the 10 year plan.

> Users can visit the project specific pages for an overview and details such as timelines and budgets. 

The Challenge

How might we collaborate with citizens to set our 10 year plan.

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