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The Challenge

Foot Science International originated with one innovative doctor, looking for more effective ways to treat patients with common foot problems. Dr. Charlie Baycroft, a sports medicine specialist in New Zealand, noticed that many of his patients were suffering from foot and leg pain with no apparent cause. Over many years and through exhaustive testing and trials, the Formthotics™ system was born. Since their humble origins in the 1970s, Foot Science International (Foot Science) has grown into a major brand with distributors worldwide.  With over thirty years of experience in treating pain and an increasing body of research supporting the benefits of custom-fitting orthotics, Formthotics™ inserts are trusted by medical professionals and patients around the world.

The challenge was to grow out of a primarily medical base and market, while leveraging this efficacy and IP, to build new distribution and retail markets and yet not loose the critical medical base of practitioners and customers. Additionally, with the range growth and entry into new areas and customer groups, there was a clear need to define ranges (medical and retail), define user groups and benefits and to improve cross-range attribution and differentiate core strengths by clearer definition of their component brand system. 

The Solution

Founded in medical field, the company had huge growth opportunities in retail. That said, the need to define the offer across these two channels was imperative, as was defining a story, product integrity and hierarchy across markets and consumer needs to facilitate growth and entry into new international markets. The brand strategy and architecture developed by DNA allows for a broader range of products to be managed and many markets to be served by a ‘family of brands’. These brands have been created to energise and modernise our product offering and to be more relevant to end-users. All products can clearly draw from a common heritage and IP base without confusion or cannibalisation in any given market. The strategy, insight and market analysis carried out by DNA suggested a radical evolution of product architecture and marketing strategy and delivery.

Foot Science came through the NZTE Better by Design audit process and needed to reinvigorate their brand, merchandising and packaging, marketing, distribution and digital channels in conjunction with a major product range review and overhaul. Being a design led business meant designing difference and value into everything the company does. This allowed DNA to be infused and define their philosophy, IP and strengths into every touch point, for medical practitioners, patients, retail distributors and a wide range of consumers.

DNA have developed architecture, product brands, merchandising and packaging systems and in addition to this we have created “wigits” for key product attributes and features and our unique technology. These are illustrated and amplified through products, packaging, POS training tools and websites.

The Result

Adding new products and entering new markets allowed DNA and Foot Science to completely re-engineer their offer from the ground-up. Naming, product naming and structure, brand redesign, and a complete refresh of packs, IP protection, articulation of positioning and offer and a re-engagement with existing and new distribution and retail channels followed. We have developed a completely different look and feel for both medical and retail brands, while maintaining the FSI family of brands. The medical range is focussed on evidence based marketing, the values exuded are confidence, control and comfort. The retail range now has a much more clearly defined sport focus and is therefore dedicated around user-needs. All packaging is less plastic, more sustainable having moved to cardboard recyclable packaging for all retail brands. In addition to this, all medical product bags are recyclable and biodegradable.

Significant response at REHA, the global conference in orthotics, hugely positive engagement with new distributors, as well as, buy-in from incumbent distributors. $Sales growth is being enjoyed across all markets.


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The Numbers


Significant sales growth* is being enjoyed across all existing and new markets.


Many new categories and products* have been introduced to grow share and revenue.

*We can’t be more specific as its commercially sensitive - but its impressive.

The brands and activities now served by Foot Science brands' include:
Overview by Brand
Formthotics Medical
Formthotics Sport
Express Orthotics
Junior Formthotics
Go Soles Orthotics
Formthotics Everyday

Overview by Activity
Football, Rugby, Hockey
Walking & Hiking
Everyday & Dress Shoes
Work & Safety


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