Create a brand that is all about giving substance to the cosmetic.

Trilogy Natural Skincare

Brand Creation, Storytelling and Packaging Systems


The Trilogy range of Rosehip oil products including moisturizer, soap, oil, cleanser, and Shampoo was launched in November 2002 and quickly gained market share throughout New Zealand and Australia. The introduction of olive oil and flax oil products followed over the next two years.

Tremendous growth has followed and Trilogy has now overtaken many major skincare brands overseas. With distribution throughout Asia, North America and the United Kingdom it is now New Zealand’s leading brand in this sector.


  • Single minded – founders had a strong philosophy and high standards from day one
  • Create new category – range was specifically developed to position the product between the pharmalogical and cosmetic categories
  • Design for less – create a reductive, internationally competitive brand to position the Rosehip seed oil range as a pure, natural, and honest.


  • Ranked among New Zealand's 50 fastest-growing companies three years running
  • Trilogy sold to Ecoya for $20m
  • Sold in over 3,500 stores worldwide.

“Good timing, a strong idea, unique technology, insistence on a product that symbolises living nature, and a clean distinctive identity have combined to provide us with success in a business where it’s notoriously difficult to gain market presence.” Catherine de Groot — Co-Founder. 

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