Helping Opus re-engineer their global brand through Customer and Employee Experience.

Opus International

Brand Architecture, Experience and Digital Integration

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Opus International Consultants sought to reposition themselves as premium engineering consultancy in New Zealand and internationally. Due to growth and acquisition, opus had become a varied offer and fractured brand around the globe. Now everywhere Opus are represented across the globe they have a unified proposition, powerful brand, clear architecture and highly differentiated customer experience.



Market penetration – enabled through an aligned brand and differentiated offer

Aligned globally – delivered consistency, and allowed flexibility for countries to align and still leverage individual offer and capability

Platform for growth – Design research presented prototype for tools and channels to be integrated and efficient

Offering consistency – Simplified and consistent global brand architecture and engagement platform 



> Aligned offer built around core values and capability – using common tools globally

> All channels and touch-points were infused with the Opus story and point of difference

> Better reach audiences locally and by sector, with a focus on specific client needs 

> 'One site model' uses ‘modules’ of global and local content for the various geographic locations and sector specific businesses

> Opus are more collaborative having built a culture and capability around an enabling brand and digital platform.

The Challenge

How might we better engage with our customers globally.

The Solution

> We proposed a lean empathy and internal research inception to what was a repositioning for the organisation

> Worked through Opus’s value system, reinterpreting it for an external client audience

> Facilitated cost effective on-going management of global and local content within the business.  

> Opus have secured significant new business in Christchurch (a priority marketing area) and globally. 

> Have made several international acquisitions and more rapidly branded them Opus.

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