Designing a new Public Consultation model for ACC's the annual levy review process.

ACC / Levy Consultation

Shaping a new Public Consultation model

02 Levy Setting

ACC review and reset the levies they apply to businesses, vehicle owners and employees for injury cover funded by the ACC scheme. Undertaken annually, ACC’s goal is to make the levies as fair as possible – this year they sought to increase engagement with more New Zealanders in the process. 

With a commitment to seeing this consultation process grow to capture more informed submissions from more New Zealanders and businesses – as well as be more reflective of the thinking of New Zealanders. ACC worked with DNA to develop a site that could be more accessible and transparent than the legacy approach.  



Speed to market – DNA built of existing capability and CWP codebase

Simple execution – Presented the favourability, or otherwise, of a proposed levy based on changing content and updating commentary within the site

Greater accessibility – Digital solution more immediate, interactive and readily enabled electronic submissions

Paperless process – Past reviews involved heavily manual/paper based consultation process – potentially capturing the voice of a handful of informed and passionate New Zealanders

Lower cost – working through paper submissions had previously come at significant cost to the organisation.  

Data driven – The site delivered comments, live feeds of statistics on numbers of submissions and interaction with the review



> User experience an interface that enabled self selection by individuals and businesses

> Solution easily takes submissions and facilitates comments

> Reports live on the days left in each stage, the number of submissions received and allows users to view feedback on the submissions

> Share the thinking, views and decision-making around levies to a wide range of New Zealanders

> ACC sable to capture and retain the insight and thinking from submissions to help inform decision-making within the organisation.

The Challenge

How might we more effectively consult with all New Zealanders.

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