Romain Perin

Digital Design Director / Auckland

Romain has been working as a web designer in Auckland for the past 9 years. His skills cover the whole gamut of online design, from concept and information architecture to site design and production. We have a great development team, but that hasn't thwarted Romain testing his arm on the odd smaller challenge.

Happy to embrace lean UX, Romain is a CXD junkie and devotee. Romain is DNA Auckland’s senior digital design head - and is also a bit of a jack of all trades when pushed - he has muscled in on the development teams space and delivered a bunch of interactive project work in his time.

Recent work has seen Romain working on AMP, BNZ, Vodafone, JB Were, NZ Post, Trustpower and Skinny mobile.

He loves creating websites that are not only beautiful to look at, but also useful, usable and accessible. 


Romain Perin