Diogo Freire

Development Team Lead / Wellington

With a degree in engineering and a keen interest in the human condition, Diogo uses his technical experience and project management skills to keep projects on track, facilitate discussions and help us improve our delivery processes and outcomes. He is also an enthusiastic advocate of the Agile Manifesto principles.

Diogo’s experience with the World Wide Web started when he built a website for his band. It was the 90s, so there were plenty of wild flame animated gifs and auto-play rock’n’roll music. That set a strong tone for the rest of his career.

After working as a developer for 13 years, he noticed that computers were becoming more and more complex, so he decided to make the move into project management, reasoning that humans might be simpler to work with.

Diogo has worked with several big brands in New Zealand including Mediaworks, Radio New Zealand, Te Papa, Kiwibank, Westpac, Microsoft, The Arts Foundation, Wellington Airport and several government organisations. While working with these clients he delivered CMS sites, web and mobile apps and large enterprises systems.

In his spare time, Diogo is a drummer, but really wishes he was a pianist. Several times a week he picks up heavy weights and puts them down for fun, and pursues the ever-so-elusive sub-4-minute Fran time






Diogo Freire