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ACC / ActiveSmart 2.0

User Experience, Product Ideation and Digital Training Application

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The Challenge

The first version of ActiveSmart launched in 2006 and was hugely successful – with over 55 thousand New Zealander's signing up and creating their own personalised training plans. Our solution was a comprehensive online application which not only created a customised training plan specific to a users sport through medical, fitness, personal and sport-specific tailoring, but also a customised nutrition plan to match users gender, weight and planned activity level. With Activesmart we helped ACC address the cost of sporting injury – this was an inspired, engaging, extendable and hugely beneficial approach for ACC and Users.

When considering V2, ACC + DNA reviewed how to broaden the appeal to more New Zealanders and cater for other growing sports (like triathlons), and to improve the value to users by adding features, functionality and usability improvements.

The Solution

After more than a year and a half in research, solution design, prototyping, design and development - the new version of ACC ActiveSmart is now live – and it is a huge leap forward. ActiveSmart 2.0 is a totally new web application has been researched and developed to better support New Zealanders getting fit, being more active and doing better at their chosen sport. Providing a large number of personal training plans for walking, running, cycling and swimming it can also be used to train for single discipline events or multi-sport events like duathlons and triathlons.

After creating a plan and going through a medical assessment online, users can choose to receive updates and reminders, and track their progress in the applications' calendar, with session detail and a new journal function. The interface and user control is simple and clean, the ability to change plans, modify goals and sessions is easy, the user experience is rich and highly visual.

DNA's role was to lead the project and design the solution. Our process included; Concept strategy/ideation; solution design; Persona development for at-risk groups; interaction design and product ideation; user experience research, testing and prototyping; interface and product flow design, development and integration.

The application engine is web app with a complex algorithm at its core that allows for unique and tailored plan creation for users and enables assessment based adjustments throughout a plan. Behind the scenes is a complex rules-engine that manages health and safety screening, plan management, live weather feeds, calendar and tracking functions and a smart administration interface for the site owners to create and manage rules and content. The ability to write plans based on the signup detail allows for plans to be managed by the app safely.

The Result

Tailorability and flexibility were key attributes to ensure the plans could meet the ever-changing user needs and lifestyles. This resulted in the ability to generate many types of plans – with some plans allowing up to 3.5 billion possible variations. The complexity had to be hidden. For users, the application is really a simple tailored training tool.

The release of ActiveSmart 2.0 will mean users across a wide range of sports and with really diverse fitness goals trying the new application for themselves.

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The Numbers

3.5 billion possible variations in plans. Yep – they are pretty tailored.

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