Establishing a world leading cyber security solution.

CERT — Establishing a Cyber Security Response experience.

Rapid launch of integrated Brand / Digital Customer Experience.

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The estimated cost of cyber-crime in New Zealand in 2016 was at an estimated cost of $257 million and 83% of Kiwi's have experienced a cyber- breach, but 61% did not change their behaviour online.

DNA helped MBIE establish a new national body, CERT NZ (Cyber Emergency Response Team). Establishing a national CERT means New Zealand joins an international network of 100+ CERTs, improving our access to information on potential or real-time cyber-attacks. It will help us play our part in a global effort to improve internet security. 

We built a robust, secure digital solution that was going to be simple, effective and ready for day one in tight timeframe.


  • Speed to market: Determined requirements, designed and delivered the CERT NZ brand and digital experience in 3 months
  • Highly accessible: Place for users to access information and report on incidents
  • Eliminating complexity: Developed easy to use and understand tools for both consumers and technical users
  • Platform for growth: Launched MVP, DNA continues to work alongside MBIE to create an ongoing roadmap of enhancements
  • Secure: Providing a secure place for people to access information and report incidents from
  • Safe environment: A brand experience that portrays a secure and safe environment with an authoritative yet approachable feel
  • Distinct Audiences: Solution enables both IT specialists as well as businesses and individuals to interact. 


  • The tool will help to build a better picture of cyber attacks in New Zealand
  • A design which portrays a secure and authoritative experience for people to report on or seek information
  • Supports education for cyber security
  • Establishing greater international connection via the CERT network - ultimately, New Zealand will become a more trusted business and security partner.
  • The system reports and responds (if required) to CERT and their partners


  • Worked in an agile manner to develop a day 1 experience for all users
  • Collaborating to define and prioritise requirements iteratively throughout project
  • Designing a robust reporting mechanism for CERT and partners' requirements
  • Developing an ongoing roadmap of enhancements based on feedback, further research and analytics  
  • Aligning and connecting to internal processes and systems.


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  • Brand Experience
  • Development / Integration
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • Interaction Design
  • User Experience (UX)