Keeping it real.


Proof of concept, Brand Creation and Packaging Systems.


Goodness is a skincare range launched to take advantage of a gap in affordable skincare in Australasian budget pharmacy and supermarket. With Chia as the foundation ingredient, the brand is well set up for strong competitive differentiation. Goodness came to life through user research/design sprint, including rapid prototyping/testing.


  • Speed to market: Design research clarified opportunity and offer shape
  • Proof of concept: Empathy presented validated prototype for board sign-off
  • Informed by insight: Customer testing tuned value proposition, range and brand territory
  • Momentum in distribution: Achieved huge retail footprint in very short time through a compelling value proposition.


  • Trilogy group’s fastest growing product since launch
  • In over 1000 retail stores across Australasia in first 12 months.
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