Mojo Coffee goes global.

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Mojo are bigger than ever in New Zealand, have stores in Asia, and have just hit Chicago as the next stage of their global expansion rolls out. In addition to global cafe expansion, Mojo needs to support their markets with online ordering and product. As with many businesses, digital is a store in its own right – and digital store sales have growth targets themselves. 

Due to the need to deliver an extensible platform, manage multiple currencies and enable the Mojo team to manage content efficiently – Mojo and DNA chose Shopify as the platform upon which to build a new digital store. 

The team at Mojo can simply and efficiently manage content and add to the online store at will. The individual cafe pages have the ability to add each cafe’s unique personality – to engage with customers ‘before, during and after a visit' and to attract new customers in their community by pushing the people, place and personality of each different location.

The experience is rich in imagery, full of storytelling about each store and the Mojo brand, plus the new site is laden with more video and exudes a lot more of Mojo’s personality.

DNA has worked with Mojo over a couple of years, first setting up the business to grow talent and enable training a globally dispersed workforce with the 'Mojo Hub’.

This is the start of the next exciting chapter in the Mojo story.


Every cafe is unique.

The Mojo mojo (ethos).

The site.