Nico Neethling steps up to lead innovation at the Auckland office.

Nico Neethling 1


To meet the increasing needs of clients for customer-led and collaborative solutions in channel integration and digital transformation we have appointed Nico Neethling to the new role of Experience Innovation Director.

Nico had already been leading the Auckland experience design team on a day to day basis – this role recognises the increasing demand on the quality and complexity of the customer-led work DNA has been involved in.

The new role will include supporting the ongoing implementation of best practices and methodologies, developing skills internally and externally, supporting business leaders in new and ongoing channel and transformation initiatives, identifying and leveraging opportunities for clients in untapped areas and supporting the development of new thinking. 

Nico has been at DNA for five years and has been a critical member of the experience design team that has grown substantially in scope and capability over that time. This role is complementary to his ongoing Design Coach role with Better by Design.

As an experience design agency, DNA's capability spans customer-led digital, service and product design. We help large and mid-size businesses and organisations grow and thrive in a connected world with products, services and platforms that enhance customer experience.