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Wellington Free Ambulance (WFA) had a tired and ineffective digital face. Their content was good, but too hard to find, donations were a vital part of the site for WFA, but the experience was difficult and lost donation income was becoming a major problem. Considering the digital and social media worlds, and competition for brand awareness and the donor dollar - digital needed to become a lead channel for the organisation. WFA sought DNA to design and deliver an updated digital experience.

Analytics review and a lean UX phase was focussed on identifying UX issues and donor barriers. The donor insight we generated helped with IA and content refresh. DNA’s design team focussed on creating a new site that could make donating easier, with a simple click and easy to find information - on a user friendly CMS platform to enable content management by WFA staff. 

Content had to be easily accessible and engage users by providing current news updates, multiple ways to donate, clear means of helping out (donating or volunteering) and more reporting on what WFA were doing with donations. We focussed on creating a site with a richer user experience - where each user could see exactly who Wellington Free Ambulance are, as well as what they have achieved everyday, month and year. 

By focusing on user experience and what Wellington Free Ambulance needed the most, we were able to tailor the site to reflect their main goal of increasing donations and public support. With the upgraded site being fully responsive, donations are now made easier - offering users various types of donations in various quantities, highlighting exactly how and what a certain amount can do for Wellington Free Ambulance and the greater Wellington Community.

Project successes:

> A fully responsive site.

> A better user experience, where users can donate via a single page, with one click.

> Easy to access content and information across a highly organised site map

> A platform for further improvements in 

> Better numbers - the site is gaining support from the Wellington public.

 The existing systems of partner providers limited us from delivering the ideal donor interface, but we are looking to enhance this over time. With a project motto of “simple, clear, fast” the solution provides a far more relevant experience for users, and allows lots of room for the site to we let you decide for yourselves –