The Lions are here!

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New Zealand Rugby needed a compelling, distinctive and alluring Series mark that represented the history and mana of the upcoming contest – and one that welcomed fans to support it. 

Our approach to the brand we described last year – now it's great to see the identity brought to life in all media, on the stadiums, in merchandise, in bars, clubs, living rooms and out in the streets – right across New Zealand.

As with every Lions tour, New Zealanders have embraced and welcomed the visiting Lions supporters. With each game, the story we developed for the Mark is played out, as the captain of each Lions squad, game by game, is challenged and presented with a taiaha; the ceremonial spear; laid down at the feet of visiting guests as both a welcome and a challenge. 

There is a useful whakatauki that supports the mark and the series: “He areo taiaha, he wero powhiri, he kupu manaaki, he take purakau”; The tip of a spear, a challenge is given, words of welcome, the forging of legends.