Postcard from New York – the IXD17 Awards.

NYC Broadway


You had me at the address.
The awards were held at the wonderfully named Gotham Hall, on Broadway in New York city. The address alone was enough to build anticipation, and the space was breathtaking. The DNA crew had reserved seats in the second row, so didn’t miss a beat.

Awards night!
The key outtake was that integrated experiences cannot be viewed as either physical products or merely by channel (digital, mobile or counter). All the winners this year were either physical objects and technology integrated or app solutions. In each case, based on the need they served, they had either a distinct mobile or online orientation. Their success as finalists was due to the way they solved the need or problem, and in most cases, it was not the result of a single channel solution, rather an integrated experience that served the user need.

Our entry for the Immigration New Zealand Visa Gateway was the only finalist that could be classed as a ‘ website’.  In many respects it can be seen as a digital project, but it was designed with organisation-wide efficiency at its core. The user interactions are simpler, but so too is the fulfilment and integration behind the scenes. 

The judges comments on our work included a commendation on a depth of work on customer journeys that informed the business and the solution. They went on to note they felt this was such a humane project, focussed on making a complex conversation simple for users.

Last word from NYC.
For DNA this year, we have a trophy to bring home, we have seen first hand the global standard in interaction design practice and will return to New Zealand all the more motivated by the experience. We have insight and learning to draw from, and are confident that New Zealand is matching the rest of the world in user-centred design thinking. We fully intend too try to be back next year, with another batch of award worthy work.

Charlene Turei _ Interaction Design Director.


Credit: Image by Neurosport