Pixel to product speaker series.

Gren and Lee at Seafarers


Digital technology has accelerated innovation in every creative sphere. In the first of a series of 6 events jointly run buy the Designers Institute of New Zealand (DINZ) and the Seafarers Club, Gren, Lee of DNA, alongside Che Tamahori and Luke Pittar of Digital Arts Network (DAN).

The DNA and DAN speakers will talk about user centred approaches to digital product design, the democratisation of design, as well as the benefits and barriers thrown up by digital tools and accessibility. They will share examples of their approaches, and discuss the challenges of working leaner and faster, while delivering improved customer experience.

In the balance of the series, designers and architects will talk about how digital technology is changing how they innovate; how they push ideas from the abstract into the real; and how they are increasing their speed to market.

Other speakers will include Tim Hooson of Jasmax architects, Darryl Gray from Wellington Start-up Atomic, and Greg Olsen, designer at F&P Healthcare. The series starts in july, and goes for 5 months, with a group discussion on the last evening in November.


> The ‘democratisation of design’ – Gren gets to set the scene

> Faster is better – Che outlines the case for digital making design better, and faster

> Speed may be a trap – Lee gets to throw out a caution

> How design has changed through digital – Luke gets a chance to summarise.

From there we have a group discussion on culture, collaboration, speed to market, radical transparency and where this is all leading.


6.30pm, 29th June, Spark Lounge, Seafarers Club, Britomart, Auckland.