Extending the Mojo Experience.



With significant growth in stores domestically and a presence in Tokyo and Xian, Mojo recognised the importance of maintaining high standards across their product and service offer. Mojo invest heavily in the training of their people to deliver a compelling customer experience, and with a significant increase in staff requirements, they needed a more systemised approach to building greater capability and capacity within their team in a leaner and more targeted way.

The competitive nature of the sector, coupled with the transient nature of hospitality staff meant that a scalable solution needed to be found that would harness both the cultural and cognitive elements within the business to ensure success and enable the transfer of talent to different locations with a key understanding of each employees performance. In finding a solution, DNA worked closely with the Mojo leadership team to build necessary insight as to the challenges at a store level, with employees at all levels providing valuable insights to the many moving parts and dependencies within the stores to consistently deliver.

Our approach enabled us to capture insight from established, new and potential staff, and to then synthesise this in to experience pillars and model how to embed these. Training is a journey, and at all levels, from capability/competency through expertise and to eminence are being programmed, across coffee, service, food and customer experience. The 'Mojo way' is a cultural force that also needed to be harnessed, made accessible to all staff globally - and made more engaging in its execution.

Working from existing IP, and utilising an established DNA codebase, we designed and developed an internal digital platform that would help drive performance standards across people, processes and product. More pragmatic than an intranet and more extensible than a training module, the solution allows Mojo to more successfully onboard employees, build team culture extend access and connection, identify and reward talent, up-skill performance, share ideas, grow critical understanding and ensure that staff members have the greatest chance to succeed and add value to the organisation faster. 

With three different levels of users (leadership, managers, employees), each staff member has an individual log in allowing them to access certain content, training levels and types of learning modules, and management have transparency around how their staff are tracking through the programme and can lend support and encouragement.   

From a team perspective, the immediate access to resources and ability to learn faster allows for a greater sense of connection and purpose to Mojo, their roles and the teams they work alongside. For Mojo, the solution creates a potent platform that offers immense operational and systems value to the organisation as well as keeping a handle on team shape, dynamic and performance within their stores. The adaptive system allows fast turnaround of content, allowing critical information to be shared instantly with notifications to users prompted.

Mojo are an ambitious organisation going through an exciting period of growth. As caffeine addicts and experience junkies, DNA are thrilled to be helping Mojo realise their potential.