Meet Flora Lu – Victoria Masters student in Innovation and Commercialisation.

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As part of the Faculty of Science, the Master of Innovation and Commercialisation programme sets out to facilitate Student Project Partnerships. We have a great opportunity at DNA this year to host Flora, and have her focus on improving DNA as part of her project. 

Flora will work  with DNA this year and her course will set out to help us develop better processes, approaches or products. The course is in 4 stages, which will see Flora work with us at DNA through research, prototyping and ultimately documenting recommendations that productise a process or describe a product innovation.

Flora is going to be based in Wellington, but will also be engaged with our Auckland teams for this activity. She will be working alongside Service innovation Director Chris Jackson and Experience Designer Rachel Knight. We are conscious that we need to deliver value to Flora in the year ahead, and will ensure we apply the learnings we’ve had from the two recent AK internship trials we’ve run.

Flora has set the first stage of the programme up and says "I'll be shadowing the team on a couple of projects to understand the internal processes and how knowledge and expertise are transferred across projects and teams. Hopefully, I'll be able to design/make recommendations for a platform that can better the knowledge management process for DNA. We have a range of possible projects which the first stage of the Masters programme will see me interrogate, synthesise, prototype and validate a single project recommendation. These include possibilities spanning CX maturity, a system to enable the banking and dissemination of insights and considering further developing DNA’s existing Innovation models”. 

Currently the theme that is forming from early work is looking at DNA as a 'learning organisation', looking at what we do, what methods, tools and approaches we use and how we think about knowledge, data, information and it’s dissemination within the organisation and beyond.