Judges comments from the Best Awards – Interactive.

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The Best Awards interactive Judges recently released their comments on this year's Purple Pin winner – CERT NZ. For us, the comments really sum up what makes for an ideal project outcome – the right balance of usability, functionality, efficiency and effect.

"This entry places the spotlight squarely on a real, urgent problem. The site’s progressive-disclosure model works brilliantly to guide the reader through, and the simplicity of layout works perfectly to bring clarity to its text-heavy content. Its sensitivity to typography and a strong understanding of hierarchy and content flow all contributed to this being the judges’ pick for the best interactive work in 2017. It is inspiring to see a brief taken to this level with a resulting outcome that is approachable, easy to consume, never overwhelming, and user-focused above all else. Here’s to pushing the limits of not only government sites, but large-scale digital projects full stop".