Grinners are winners

Grin Coolmint


In a category dominated by the big guys, how do you cut through and launch a genuine new oral care innovation?  Simple, you create the brand from the ground up – based on real consumer insights and understanding – and using all natural ingredients. 

We undertook a research, prototyping and design phase – from which we then tested scenarios with consumers. The result being 'Grin Natural Toothpaste'.

For Grin, positioning and differentiation was key, but so too were some of the category conventions – product format, pack size, quality and hygiene cues.

'Grin Natural Toothpaste' is surprisingly simple. We had to reflect the genuine points of difference inherent in the product. The only active ingredients in the toothpaste are Manuka oil (to maintain freshness), Propolis (an antibacterial agent) and Organic Sea Salt (a natural abrasive). It’s not something we’d recommend, but if you had to, you could eat this stuff.

Capturing all of these cues in a way that attracts consumers on shelf is what you can see today in the new packaging and website (and shortly in magazine advertising). And this is just the start – with more products being added to the family soon.

Grin is available in an ever increasing range of health, specialty and supermarket outlets nationwide.