Electricity Authority power up their site


The Electricity Authority's (EA) objective was to create a website designed to better meet the needs of all their external audiences, providing a more compelling and accessible user experience. A foundation objective was for ea.govt.nz to become the first entry point for all of the Authority’s online portals/property's. DNA led a user research phase which created profiles, identifying opportunities to better serve their audiences through the site. The profiles also led the thinking around content and requirements for the new site, and this work informed a new information architecture designed to better reflect the needs of all audiences.

Hallmarks of DNA's approach were a user led and IA first process, followed by some specific problem solving in development. The Electricity Sector's code also needed to be more accessible, a solution to convert content from PDF to HTML as well as better search ability was a significant activity. A central focus of the project was optimising search to enable easier document access and better outcomes for users. Design of the existing site was redeveloped and this now provides a more compelling and accessible user experience, with stronger links to other EA communication.

The document management system and metadata was reviewed and both frontend and backend improvements will enable easier document access. It's a large site with a very broad user base – the new site is continuously being measured to evaluate business and user benefit.