Applying everyday insight.



The human needs we uncover during research help us understand what people are trying to do in life, how they are going about doing it, and what they need from the products & services they interact with every day.

In the research we do within a wide spectrum of projects, we’ve been exposed to a broad range of customers and user groups – and an equally broad range of businesses, from start-ups to the established, from those flourishing to those in pain.

In our project work, we get to understand the context within which businesses deliver – and to uncover the way customers view different service and product offers. When undertaking field work and conducting customer interviews, we hear about their needs, we uncover more about their underlying goals and get a chance to better understand their pain-points and frustrations.

We set out to help our clients deliver better, simpler, faster and more valuable services to their customers. In doing so, we’ve realised that making a leap towards a future vision is very different to iterating away from pain. Additionally, digital has brought the world closer together and yet it’s also highlighted what makes everyone and everything different. 

In this environment, customers demand increasingly simple and efficient interactions. At the same time, businesses need to drive internal systems to unlock efficiency and streamline delivery.

Experience designer Matt Ayers has reviewed a range of our recent projects and documented the common interactions customers have while interacting with different sectors (from banking to power, phone to insurance, and a range of public services). By looking across the common experiences that organisations deliver to their customers; from sign-up, on-boarding, managing their services, and even exiting well – Matt has seen patterns which suggest there are fundamental needs and common issues for customers, no matter which product, brand or sector they are interacting with. 

Customers don’t experience the world in industry sectors.

 We have documented a range of ‘everyday insights’, from research undertaken with everyday people crossing everyday sectors. The insight has given us a view of what they are hoping to experience and enabled us to map the common challenges people face. This has shown that across seemingly very different sectors, many parallels and pain-points can be found. 

A common experience people face is signing up for a product or service. In a number of sectors, analytics and insight have allowed us to eliminate many questions from sign-up processes, and design stress-free and seamless experiences for customers. Here are a few of the principles our insights have led us to develop:

#1. Ask me only what you need to sign me up.

 You can always ask more questions later. If it's not required to sign me up - don’t ask. People often get confused and feel stupid if they don’t know how to answer a question. Don’t force 100% of potential customers to answer questions for the 2%. 

#2. Tell me what I need to complete signup, and let me know if I can’t.

 People fit signup into free slots in their busy lives. So help them save time, not waste it. Ensure that you tell them early if they cannot receive your service.

#3. Only show me new products & services that relate to what I want.

If people are ‘sold to’ without any basis for it, it undermines critical trust required to become or stay a customer. You can always build more data and offer relevant products or add-ons in the future.

We’ll continue to share what we are finding as we go. Stay tuned.