2017 Client Showcase – The headlines say it all.

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We’ve worked with clients in many different sectors again this year and the showcase allowed us to consider some of that activity. Whether it's In banking, power or beds, for businesses in New Zealand or across the Tasman, delivering optimisation or unlocking innovation - we have seen the commitment to involving customers and users in the process, an increase in agile approaches and a determination to deliver efficiency and effect like never before.

It's due in large part to the demands of our clients, that DNA’s capability and way of engaging evolves constantly, and yet its comforting to see that some things have remained very consistent – simply put; 'Customer-centred' is how we work - making products, services and experiences 'more human' is why we do it. 

Of course, we also set out to help businesses adapt to changing technology, realise strategies, find efficiency and deliver business and customer value. 

No matter which market our clients inhabit, the pace of change, the increase in demands to better meet customer needs, the continuing impact of technology, not to mention the relentless effects of competition – have all intensified. We are often called on to address a specific business challenge, resolve pain-points in the customer journey or to improve key interactions to drive efficiency. It's easy to assume that every organisation, every customer and each and every system is different - however, we see commonality across many of the challenges our client's businesses are facing, and many of the insights we are uncovering through our research. 

This year, the trends across many of our projects have been to make things simpler, to hide complexity from users, to deliver benefit from integrating systems and service experiences. To do this work, we have honed how we visualise strategies and journeys, how we prototype and test experiences and innovation – and importantly, how we collaborate with our clients. 

In 2017, we won national and international awards (including a couple of Designers Institute Purple Pins to name just two), but the real marker of the year for us at DNA, is who we work with, and what work we are doing - that's what gets us out of bed in the morning.

A scan of the headlines from this year's showcase is a testament to the investment businesses large and small are making in design – and in being customer-centred as they design.

In summary, we think the showcase creates a compelling picture of where design is sought out to solve large and complex problems, across mission-critical interactions – when businesses and large public sector organisations are setting out to adapt, innovate and transform.

Here's to continuing to make the world a better place to experience in 2018 – together.