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Immigration NZ — Visa Application Gateway

Achieving radical new efficiencies for immigration visa applications.

The Immigration New Zealand website, often the first step in the immigration process, received 12 million unique visitors in the past year.

Over 32,000 unique visitors view the site on a daily basis alone. Users who move through this gateway are passed to the application engine (IGMS).

Simplicity and iteration: Prototyping and customer testing tuned content and interaction model.
Lower cost to serve: Improved selection will result in significant support cost reduction.

Pain points.

The objective was to identify, validate, resolve and eliminate the pain for migrants who struggled to sort through the many visa options and application on the old system.

  • Journey Map: User 1
  • Journey Map: User 2
  • Journey Map: User 3
  • Journey Map: User 4
  • Journey Map: User 5
  • Journey Map: User 6
  • Journey Map: User 1
  • Journey Map: User 2
  • Journey Map: User 3
  • Journey Map: User 4
  • Journey Map: User 5
  • Journey Map: User 6

Interaction over information.

The New Zealand visa system is extremely complex with hundreds of variations available. The process has been distilled to a 3-step, easy to understand experience.

Compare — The site helps customers understand what’s involved and can compare applicable visas.

Select — Customers can view details and process for a chosen visa, before entering the application process.d and can compare applicable visas.

Explore — Customers select their main motivation for coming or staying in New Zealand.

Lower cost to serve.

the solution has resulted in millions of dollars in approval operation cost savings for Immigration.

Eliminating complexity.

Shifting the complexity away from the user onto the system that supports the experience. We worked closely with Immigration to unpack/rationalise the complex system serving hundreds of visas.

  • 45%

    Online applications have gone from 9% to 45%.

  • -75%

    Reduction call centre training/induction cost - the personas and journey maps are now a central part of training for ICS.

  • 79.8%

    Overall satisfaction with experience of applying for a visa — customer satisfaction survey.

Project snapshot

  • Project: Immigration NZ VISA Application Gateway

  • Year: 2016

  • Client: Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment

  • Deliverable: Platform